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(This is the underground English SFera page. It is a hidden remnant of the old site but still contains general information that may be considered useful. For official info go to and check the links to the the English texts.)

Sferakon is the longest-running and so far the most popular Croatian SF convention. The first one was held around 25 years ago, and in 1986 it hosted a Eurocon. It is organized by SFera, the Zagreb SF club. Usually 600-1000 attendees and visitors pass through the halls during the convention. We had Guests of Honour such as Frederic Paul, Sam J. Lundval, Harry Harrison, Joe Haldeman, Martin Easterbrook, Robert Silverberg, Guy Gavriel Kay, Walter Jon Wiliams, Lois McMaster Bujold, Ken McLeod and eagerly await many, many more. The same goes for plain mortals - if you have nothing to do at the end of April, come and meet us. If you have other engagements, cancel them and come and meet us.

where: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (Fakultet elektrotehnike i racunarstva - FER), Unska 3, Zagreb, Croatia

beginning: Friday closest to April 23rd

duration: friday 6:00 P.M. - 2:00 A.M.; saturday 12:00 P.M. - 02:00 A.M.; sunday 12:00 P.M.- 8:00 P.M.

attendance fee: 90 kunas

come again? around 12 euros

arrival: depends where you are coming from. There are trains from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, as well as planes from large European cities. If there are no direct planes to Zagreb, you may try one of the following airports: Ljubljana (120 km, trains and buses to Zagreb a few times a day), Rijeka (150 km - buses every hour, trains less often), Osijek (200 km - trains and buses few times a day), Trieste (200 km - one bus in the afternoon except Sunday and Monday).

Buses are also available, probably less comfortable, but cheaper.

accomodation: here are links to mostly all of the Zagreb hotels, motels and hostels (and much more info about the city; you don't really plan to leave the day after the convention, do you?). If cost is not an issue, we reccomend Hotel International since it's 150 metres from the convention site. If cost is an issue, contact us, we'll try and work something out that includes sleeping bags. However, at this moment we can't promise anything, so you better check the link above just in case.

NOTES: Croatia is slightly cheaper than Western Europe (although not as cheap as Bulgaria or Poland). However, taxis are pretty expensive (maybe not for West Europeans and/or Americans, but I may have to get back to you on that one) and, basically, you don't need them. Zagreb is not that big and the convention site is relatively near the city centre, so walking is a reasonable option (unless it rains during the convention, but that hasn't happened for a while, all praise global warming). Also, both the train and the main bus station are near the centre; there is a direct bus from the airport to the town (~3 EUR) and trams are not that crowded during weekends (single ticket~1 EUR, daily ticket~3 EUR).

MORE NOTES: if there are no foreign GOHs at the convention, probably all of the programme will be in Croatian. However, almost everybody here speaks English and you may even find someone who may be willing to whisper translation into your ear during the lecture/speech. (If there happens to be a foreign GoH, then his/her/its lectures will be in English - and some people will want to know that, if that happens, it will be in English only: there is NO PUBLIC SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION INTO CROATIAN ON SFERAKON!!!)

EVEN MORE NOTES: The entry ticket includes the annual Croatian-SF-short story collection (in Croatian).


petra(at) - la Presidenta
mmp(at) - media and public relations
ire(at) - SFeraKon programme and lotsa other stuff